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Exquisite harmony with Wine and Garlic!
The Original Wine and Garlic Restaurant
Originated in Korea in 2001, Mad For Garlic is one of Korea’s most popular restaurant chains known for its unique and innovative menu with garlic-specialized Italian cuisine served in an atmosphere of medieval European rustic tavern.

With the introduction of unique signature dishes such as Garlic Snowing Pizza, Garlicpeno Pasta, Mushroom Risotto and Garlic Steak, Mad for Garlic soon gained a cult following in Korea. Today, there are over 30 Mad for Garlic restaurants in Seoul alone making Mad for Garlic one of the most popular restaurant chains in Korea.

There are currently twenty (20) Mad For Garlic restaurants in Seoul, eight (8)
in Gyeongido, seven (7) in Chungcheongdo and one (1) in Cheonrado, 
making a total of 36 restaurants in Korea. 

Internationally, there are currently one Mad for Garlic in Singapore, two in Jakarta and one in Hong Kong. _________________________________________________________________
The first Mad for Garlic restaurant made its debut in 2011 at the West Mall of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. The restaurant has 180 seats with a spacious main dining area and two private rooms specially catered for private dining. To cater to the drinking crowd, this outlet also has a lounge that is ideal for drinking and relaxing.


Following the success of the first Mad for Garlic restaurant, a second restaurant was open in May 2016 at Lotte Shopping Avenue. Unlike the first outlet which has the original medieval rustic feel, the new outlet is modern and more contemporary in its decor that offers customers a different feel while serving the mouth-watering garlic-specialized menu that Mad for Garlic restaurants are famous for